Saturday, March 29, 2014

Baking Substitutions!

Although baking is an exact science, changes and tweaks can still be made to recipes. Baking substitutions are becoming increasingly popular because of the health benefits. Some people also make substitutions based on their dietary needs and allergies. I find it fun to experiment with changing up recipes and seeing how different the final product seems. Sometimes it is not recognizable that the recipe is healthier or made without an allergen such as nuts, but other recipes do not tweak well. Products may come out not as sweet or puffy as expected. Here are some common health related substitutions that are popular today:

Dietary restrictions are other reasons for substitutions. Being a vegan, I use a lot of changes in recipes. Here are some common vegan substitutions:

My favorite vegan substitutes are apple sauce and silken tofu. I think that they add health benefits while also being more kind to our fellow living beings.

It is always a surprise when the product is created in a substitution recipe because you never know what you will see. Cookies are especially sensitive to changes. Most of the changes that happen due to substitutions do not affect the flavor, but instead affects the appearance. below is a picture of two different cookies; one is made with butter as the fat, and one is made with greek yogurt instead. It is clear how much of a difference ingredients can make in a recipe. No wonder baking is called a science.

Whether you make changes in your recipe because of dietary needs, allergies, or health conscience, you will not have to search very hard to find good substitutes. Baking substitutes are rampant on the internet, and most recipes today have substitutions listed on the bottom of the page. So next time you feel like exciting your bake day, try a new twist on a recipe!

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