Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spectacular Ice Cream Man

About a month ago, this video about an ice cream vendor in Turkey became popular. The creative vendor doesn't just give his customer the frozen sweet treat but does a series of cute stunts. After watching the video, I was amazed at how calm and patient the vendor's customer was. It made me think how I would react if I was the one under that situation. I am not the most patient person but I don't get frustratingly impatient quickly. Some might get frustrated but most would probably be amazed and awed. 

The action of this creative man made me realize that it could really lighten the mood of anyone's day. Imagine bringing young kids to a vendor like this and the wide smile that spreads across their face and the widening of sparkling eyes. The world always needs new,innovative , and exciting people and ways to promote products instead of those annoying popup ads when you're looking at a recipe on your favorite site or trying to beat your high score of Flappy Bird. 

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Check out this amazing video it will definitely bring a smile to your face!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chocolate Butterscotch Fudge

I remember when I was in elementary school, every year on Valentine's Day each kid would set out some sort of Valentine holder: a paper mailbox, a weaved heart, or even something as simple as a decorated shoe box. Even though passing out your goodies was fun it was amazing and exciting digging through to see the different cards and candy. And for some of us, maybe a little something special from a special someone. 

Valentine’s Day really is the celebration in between the chilly snowy, rainy winters and the breezy fresh air of spring. We can still cozy up in the comforts of home but also draw open the curtains from our windows and let the slowly emerging sunlight in.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The snow is slowly starting to melt and flowers are starting to bloom

Even though the groundhog saw his shadow and threw us into 6 more weeks of winter, it's not too early to start preparing for spring. Most people love winter, the spicy scents, cold crisp air, and for most of us more time to spend with our families and people we love. Most treats are rich, contain many homey spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and decadent flavors like pumpkin and caramel. We also slowly move away from hot chocolate and holiday coffee to smoothies, lemonade, and frappucinos.

Spring on the other hand to me seems like a more playful time of year when everything starts blooming and brightening. The aromatic scents of flowers and the chirping of birds. The sun starts to shine and warms up but still has the light spring breeze...not to mention the allergies that comes along with it. Not quite summer: fruity and fun but spring has its bounties. Light refreshing flavors with the tangy sweetness of ripening fruit. We move into cakes and fruit baskets but not ice cream and watermelon cake yet. Spring is to most-a start to a new beginning and a breath of fresh air.