Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Cafe of Experiences

Recently a little cafe opened up near where I live. I thought it was perfect because it was located a couple of minutes away from my house and is located right on the main street of the hustle and bustle of our popular town hangout center. One beautiful and clear Friday evening, my parents and I decided to walk around the dimly lit streets and came across the little cafe. The annual carnival was in town so after all the activity, we were searching for a place to relax and something to fill our bellies. The exterior of the cafe was warm and the atmosphere inviting. The warm yellow lights adding color to the pavement outside making the area seem more cheerful than it already was. From standing outside of the door I could see a few plush couches, a display filled with mouthwatering desserts and another display containing a colorful array of gelato.

Upon walking in, a nice gentlemen smiled and welcomed us in. My mom quickly explained that this was our first time in. He explained that most everything was made in that location: the gelato and most of the pastries. He took his time explaining and answering my parents' questions and was all in all very friendly. After much debate, I finally decided on two scoops of gelato. I love anything  fruity so of course I got the raspberry and decided to try the mocha flavor as well. When I received my dish, a little wafer cookie donned the top. There was a girl who worked there as well, she seemed to be in college in my opinion. She was very helpful and friendly as well and made conversation with us. After spending way too much time with the gelato, I moved to the pastry display and decided on the carrot cupcake. My mom got a black sesame gelato (which I thought was weird) and an Italian pastry filled with ricotta cheese. My dad ordered a delicious looking cappuccino which was presented with a pretty pattern of cream on top along with a pastry that reminded me of baklava.  

My parents and I took our treats to the very back of the cafe to a set of plush leather couches. It was relaxing and a great way to get away from the crowded street but not be completely isolated from people.

The experience with this new cafe was a great one. My parents and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The atmosphere was comforting, happy, and clean, and the workers were very pleasant. They also switch up their gelato flavors of the month and have a wide variety of interesting pastries. If our next visits are as nice as the first one was, my family and I are sure to keep coming back!

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