Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Let's face it, baking does not come easy for some people. I am not the best baker myself but I am progressively getting better with helpful hints my family has given me, tips I have learned from friends, or even discovered myself through the internet. With baking I find it difficult to bake sweets perfectly; mine usually turn out too overdone, too underdone, or done on the outside but raw in the middle so I can see the struggles that bakers go through. Bakers on TV always make it look so easy because everything turns out perfect so here are some tips and tricks to better your baking creations and turn you into a better baker.

  • Accuracy is key! Most people think its okay to just guess the measurements but you want it to be as accurate and close to the recipe as possible for your treats to turn out just the way you want.
  • Don't use expensive ingredients! A lot of ingredients may be able to be purchased in bulk which is cheaper and often times better for the baker. There are also baking substitutions you can make (there's a post with substitutions from a few weeks back!).
  • Research the recipe! If you get a recipe from the internet, check to make sure it has good reviews and is credible. The last thing you want is to waste time and money on a bad recipe!
  • Think outside of the box! To save even more money, use some ingredients you may have in your house to spice up a dish such as any type of fruit or maybe even cheese. There is another post about a few combinations as well!
  • Prepare before! Preparing to make a dish before you actually do saves time in the long run. Preparing and possibly even practicing to make a dish before that big event eases stress and helps you to know what to fix or change for the next time so you can get that perfect sweet treat!

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